This plugin is currently marked as disabled

There’s a compatibility issue between this plugin and OctoPrint 1.3.2+ (current stable). A fixed version by a third party is available but requires manual installation steps. Please refer to this ticket on the plugin’s bug tracker on how to install the fixed version. Until the fix has been merged into the plugin by the maintainer and a new version has been released, this plugin will stay disabled on the repository.

Allows viewing uploaded models, using a Micro 3D printer, modifying a slicer profile and model before slicing, uploading OBJs and other 3D file formats, hosting a webcam stream, and much more

M33 Fio extends OctoPrint’s capabilities to include the following features:

  • Adds a model viewer tab to OctoPrint’s interface where any uploaded model can be viewed
  • Allows importing OBJ, M3D, AMF, VRML, COLLADA, and 3MF files into OctoPrint
  • Updates OctoPrint’s list of available serial ports in real time
  • Includes an OctoPrint instance manager that can create and terminate OctoPrint instances which allows easily running multiple printers on the same host
  • Adds support for the Micro 3D printer
  • Wraps groups of buttons in OctoPrint’s controls tab into sections that can be collapsed and expanded
  • Capable of hosting a webcam stream and configuring OctoPrint to use it
  • Disables the hosts sleep functionality when printing
  • Includes a slicer profile editor that allows customizing everything in the selected slicer profile before slicing
  • Includes a model editor that allows modifying a model before slicing and can perform operations like moving, rotating, scaling, cutting, merging, cloning, and importing other models into the scene


Model Editor
Profile Editor
Model Viewer