Fractal's printer control plugin for OctoPrint

About Fractal

Fractal is a cloud platform for managing 3D printers in an automated manner. What this means is that Fractal will attempt to automate as much of the 3D printing workflow as possible so that you can spend time where it matters: not mindlessly managing printers but adding value! The key idea is the following: from the start of your 3D printing workflow (prototyping, manufacturing on demand, selling through an ecommerce, etc…) until the piece comes out of the printer, you shouldn’t have to do anything yourself.

Some of the current features include:

  • Multiple printer management
  • Connect to existing OctoPrint instances
  • Automatic scheduling: Fractal dynamically generates and updates the best printing schedule accross all your printers so that the uptime is maximized and the human intervention is minimized
  • Automatic print management: you just clear the print beds and Fractal will automatically send the next print
  • Task/Order process tracking
  • Inventory/stock tracking
  • Information distillation into simple actionable commands for 100% print farm efficiency

And other cool features are being added soonTM:

  • Print process monitoring
  • Full e-commerce integration
  • Advanced analytics
  • Non-3d printed inputs stock
  • And much more…

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