Allows viewing uploaded models, using a Micro 3D printer, modifying a slicer profile and model before slicing, uploading OBJs and other 3D file formats, hosting a webcam stream, and much more

M33 Fio extends OctoPrint’s capabilities to include the following features:

  • Adds a model viewer tab to OctoPrint’s interface where any uploaded model can be viewed
  • Allows importing OBJ, M3D, AMF, VRML, COLLADA, and 3MF files into OctoPrint
  • Updates OctoPrint’s list of available serial ports in real time
  • Includes an OctoPrint instance manager that can create and terminate OctoPrint instances which allows easily running multiple printers on the same host
  • Adds support for the Micro 3D printer
  • Wraps groups of buttons in OctoPrint’s controls tab into sections that can be collapsed and expanded
  • Capable of hosting a webcam stream and configuring OctoPrint to use it
  • Disables the hosts sleep functionality when printing
  • Includes a slicer profile editor that allows customizing everything in the selected slicer profile before slicing
  • Includes a model editor that allows modifying a model before slicing and can perform operations like moving, rotating, scaling, cutting, merging, cloning, and importing other models into the scene


Model Editor
Profile Editor
Model Viewer