AI-based open source project for 3D printing failure detection.

  • Can’t sleep well whenever your 3D printer is printing at night?
  • Compulsive at checking your prints every 10 minutes?

The Spaghetti Detective constantly watches your prints in the background so you don’t have to.

Sounds cool! But how does it work?



Webcam captures real time 3D print images and sends them to The Spaghetti Detective.


The Spaghetti Detective gauges the likelihood of a failure by analyzing the images.


If a possible failure is detected, it will pause the printer, turn off the heaters, and alert you via email or text.


You cancel the print from your phone if failure is confirmed. Save time, $, and your worries.

Install and setup

Setting up The Spaghetti Detective is quite straightforward. Just install this plugin and follow the steps on the wizard screen and you will be all set.


If you run into any difficulties, check out the Setup Guide.

Does it cost anything?

Yes and No.

  • First and foremost, The Spaghetti Detective is an open source project. You can always grab the code and run the server yourself.
  • If you want to skip the hassle of setting up the server, you can use The Spaghetti Detective cloud, which will be free to all beta testers during beta testing.
  • After we come out of beta, you can choose to stay as a free account with limited service, or upgrade to a paid account if you want unrestricted access and features. Check out how the future pricing will look like.

Will it work for me?

The Spaghetti Detective is still at its very beginning so it doesn’t always get it right. But many beta testers have already written to us and told us “hey it worked!”. Here are a few time-lapses from our beta testers:

From beta tester Torsten

From beta tester Lila

If you can’t have enough spaghetti (pun intended), head to our Spaghetti Gallery for more time-lapses.

Questions? Comments? Run into problems? Reach out to us.

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