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The current maintainer of this plugin seems to have abandoned it. If you want to take over its maintainenance, please get in touch here...

Plugin that re-encodes the webcam and streams it to streaming sites like YouTube Live or Twitch.Tv



Plugin that adds a tab to OctoPrint for viewing, starting, and stopping a live stream.



Inspired by and based on the work by

Requirements for Streaming

Although this plugin should work with a wide variety of webcam, it has only been tested with a Raspberry Pi cam running on OctoPi and made available via OctoPrint mjpeg-streamer. This plugin relies on a Docker container running FFmpeg to convert the mjpeg-streamer video stream and pipe it to a live streaming service. The YouTube Live and Twitch.Tv streaming services have been tested.


Using ssh access the OctoPi and install docker:

curl -sSL | sh
sudo usermod pi -aG docker
sudo reboot

Pull the adilinden/rpi-ffmpeg image:

docker pull adilinden/rpi-stream:latest

Install OctoPrint-WebcamStreamer via one of these 3 methods, also in-depth explained on the official OctoPrint Installing a plugin page.

  1. Open the plugin repository in the Plugin Manager’s settings dialog, search for “OctoPrint-WebcamStreamer” and install with the “Install” button.

  2. Open the plugin repository in the Plugin Manager’s settings dialog, click on “Get more…” and enter the URL in the “… from URL” box. Click the Install button to complete the installation.

  3. Access the OctoPi command line and run the ~/oprint/bin/pip install command.


Pull up Webcam Streamer in the OctoPi settings panel

  • Enter your streaming providers embed URL for your live stream video into the “Viewer Embed URL” field.
    • YouTube: Your “YouTube Channel ID” is needed to construct the embed URL. It can be found on your Advanced settings page. With the “YouTube Channel ID” in hand, constrcut the URL like this:

    • Twitch: Your Twitch username is needed to construct the embed URL. With your username in hand, construct the URL like this:

  • Enter your streaming providers ingest or stream server URL into the “Stream Server URL” field.
    • YoutTube: Your complete URL is created by appending your “Stream name/key” to your “Server URL”. Both values can be found on your Live dashboard page. With both values in hand, the complete “Stream Server URL” should look like this:


    • Twitch: Your complete URL is created by appending your “Primary Stream key” to the rtmp:// URL. The “Primary Stream key” can be found on your Dashboard Settings page. The complete “Stream Server URL” should look like this:


  • Enter your OctoPi webcam URL into the “OctoPi Webcam URL” field. A fully qualified URL is needed containing either the resolvable hostname or the IP address of the OctoPi. The “OctoPi Webcam URL” typically looks something like this:

Terse setup information is also availabe via the expandable “Additional Information” section on the “Webcam Streamer” settings page.


Advanced Setup

Advanced option allow for modification of the FFmpeg command line for use with other streaming services or cameras. It also allows for a different Docker container to be specified if desired or needed.

  • “Webcam Frame Rate” default is 5 frames per second which is appropriate for the Raspberry Pi webcam.

  • “Docker Image” default is adilinden/rpi-stream:latest. This value needs to match the docker image installed in the setup steps.

  • “Docker Container” default is WebStreamer. This value is rather arbitrary but the default makes sense (to me).

  • “FFmpeg Command” allows for customization of the ffmpeg command line. Variable substitution is performed to insert setup values into the ffmpeg command line.

    Default command line for ffmpeg is:

      ffmpeg -re -f mjpeg -framerate 5 -i {webcam_url} -ar 44100 -ac 2 -acodec pcm_s16le -f s16le -ac 2 -i /dev/zero -acodec aac -ab 128k -vcodec h264 -pix_fmt yuv420p -framerate {frame_rate} -g {gop_size} -strict experimental -filter:v {filter} -f flv {stream_url}

    The following variable substitutions are available:

    FFmpeg Cmd Var Settings value
    {stream_url} Stream Server URL
    {webcam_url} OctoPi Webcam URL
    {frame_rate} OctoPi Webcam Frame Rate
    {gop_size} Internal Calculated Value (frame rate * 2)
    {filter} Internal Calculated Value



WebcamStreamer Tab
WebcamStreamer Settings
WebcamStreamer Advanced Settings