All plugins listed in this repository can be installed using the Plugin Manager bundled with OctoPrint or alternatively via command line.

You have the following three options...

Via the built-in repository browser of the Plugin Manager

Open the plugin repository in the Plugin Manager's settings dialog, find the plugin you are interested in there and install it with the "Install" button provided next to it.

Note: If you cannot find the plugin, try refreshing the list from the repository via "Refresh list from repository" behind the little wrench icon in the upper right corner:

Via the URL and the Plugin Manager

Copy the URL in the little "Installation" box that's part of every plugin page under "URL" and paste that into the "Install from URL" text box in the Plugin Manager's settings dialog. If it also says it needs --process-dependency-links then click on "Advanced options" at the bottom of the dialog and make sure that the checkbox "Use --process-dependency-links with pip install" is checked. Then hit "Install".

Via the command line

Copy the full "Installation" command listed on each plugin page under "Command line" and paste it into the command line of the host you installed OctoPrint on.

Note: Make sure you are using the correct version of pip -- on OctoPi you'll need to use ~/oprint/bin/pip instead of just pip.