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There are currently 210 plugins listed in this repository of which 93 (44%) are marked as Python 3 compatible.

Top 10 of the month

  1. Bed Level Visualizer
    over 16.22k instances
  2. Octolapse
    over 15.94k instances
  3. Themeify
    over 14.03k instances
  4. Navbar Temp
    over 13.21k instances
  5. OctoPrint-PrintTimeGenius
    over 12.35k instances
  6. Firmware Updater
    over 11.33k instances
  7. DisplayLayerProgress
    over 10.34k instances
  8. TouchUI
    over 8.32k instances
  9. The Spaghetti Detective
    over 8.26k instances
  10. OctoPrint-Dashboard
    over 7.62k instances

Trending this week

  1. Bed Level Visualizer
    over 743 new installs
  2. Octolapse
    over 722 new installs
  3. Themeify
    over 588 new installs
  4. OctoPrint-Display-ETA
    over 554 new installs
  5. Firmware Updater
    over 502 new installs
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