Displays the current processing layer and the percentage in "Printer-Display" and in top "NavBar"

A OctoPrint-Plugin that sends the current progress of a print via M117 command to the printer-display and also to the top navigation bar. A new feature is the “Desktop Printer-Display”, which shows all M117 messages in a Desktop PopUp.

It shows the percentage, the current layer, total layer count, current height and total height:

  • Printer Display: 50% L=60/120 H=23mm/47mm
  • NavBar: Layer: 60 / 120 Height: 23mm of 47mm

Output pattern is adjustable!


  • The layer information works only when the slicer adds “layer-indicator” to the g-code (CURA-Example as comments like ;LAYER:10). Then these indicators are parsed via a regular-expression.
  • Currently supported slicers: CURA, Simplify3D, KISSlicer. You can add your own layer-expressions in Plugin-Settings. If you want to use “slic3r”, see Enhancement #8
  • Sometimes there is a “Post Processing script” that deletes all comments (e.g. see Issue #33)
  • You need to upload your G-Code after installation of the plugin again (if you want to reuse already stored models in OctoPrint), because while uploading the G-Code is modfied
  • The total height “calculation” can be done in two ways: 1)the max Z-Value in the G-Code, 2) max Z-Value with extrusion in this height
  • The height/layer information is sometimes not matching with G-Code Viewer, because the viewer did a lot of “magic” (e.g. add extrusion diameter to height)

For implementation details please visit the homepage.


Example of NavBar Display
Example of Printer Display
Printer Display - PopUp
State Bar output
Plugin Settings