Displays the Layer, Progress and other data on "Printer-Display", "NavBar", "BrowserTab-Title" and in the Browser as a simulated "Printer-Display"

A OctoPrint-Plugin that sends the current Layer-Informations, the Progress and other data of a print via M117 command to the printer-display and also to the top navigation bar. A new feature is the “Desktop Printer-Display”, which shows all M117 messages in a Desktop PopUp.

It shows the progress, estimatedEndTime, printTimeLeft, currentLayer, totalLayerCount, last/average layerDuration, currentHeight, totalHeight, feedrate and fanspeed:

  • Printer Display: 50% L=60/120 H=23mm/47mm
  • NavBar: Layer: 60 / 120 Height: 23mm of 47mm
  • Browser TabTitle: 12% end: 19:32

Output pattern is adjustable. Please visit the homepage for more informations!

Support my Efforts

This plugin, as well as my other plugins were developed in my spare time. If you like it, I would be thankful about a cup of coffee :)

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  • The layer information works only when the slicer adds “layer-indicator” to the g-code (CURA-Example as comments like ;LAYER:10). Then these indicators are parsed via a regular-expression.
  • Currently supported slicers: CURA, Simplify3D, KISSlicer. You can add your own layer-expressions in Plugin-Settings. If you want to use “slic3r”, see Enhancement #8
  • Sometimes there is a “Post Processing script” that deletes all comments (e.g. see Issue #33)
  • You need to upload your G-Code after installation of the plugin again (if you want to reuse already stored models in OctoPrint), because while uploading the G-Code is modfied
  • The total height “calculation” can be done in two ways: 1)the max Z-Value in the G-Code, 2) max Z-Value with extrusion in this height
  • The height/layer information is sometimes not matching with G-Code Viewer, because the viewer did a lot of “magic” (e.g. add extrusion diameter to height)

For implementation details please visit the homepage.


Example of Browser Tab Title
Example of NavBar Display
Example of Printer Display
Printer Display - PopUp
State Bar output
Plugin Settings