Flash pre-compiled firmware images to the printer from OctoPrint.

Works with boards with Atmega1280, Atmega1284p, and Atmega2560 MCUs using arduino, usbasp, or wiring programmers.

More boards can be added, please request additions via a Github issue.


AVRDUDE needs to be installed on the server where OctoPrint is running.

Raspberry Pi

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install avrdude


The plugin needs the following configuration:

  • Path to avrdude (typically /usr/bin/avrdude)
  • Path to avrdude configuration file (optional)
  • AVR MCU Type
  • AVR Programmer Type

Typical MCU/programmer combinations are:

AVR MCU Programmer
Atmega1284p arduino
Atmega2560 wiring


Firmware Updater
Firmware Updater Settings