Plugin to control Arducam motorized and ptz camera

Arducam Camera Control

A plugin to control your arducam camera with motorized and ptz camera on octoprint.


Hardware Install

Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


This plugin uses I2C to communicate with the camera. That is not enabled by default. The Arducam Camera Control plugin will not function until you enable I2C.

SSH to your octopi, install system dependencies and enable i2c:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install i2c-tools
sudo nano /boot/config.txt

at the very end of the file add the following:


press ctrl+s to save and ctrl+x to exit

Enable the I2C kernel module using raspi-config:

sudo raspi-config
  1. select “3 Interfacing Options”
  2. select “P5 I2C”
  3. raspi-config will ask, “Would you like the ARM I2C interface to be enabled?”
  4. select “Yes”
  5. you should see, “The ARM I2C interface is enabled”
  6. select “Finish”


Install plugin from Plugin Manager > Get More and search for ArducamCameraControl.

After you restart, the camera should be controllable from OctoPrint’s Control tab.