An Octoprint Plugin to provide some basic Thermal Runaway protection

What this plugin does:
Sends the configured GCode command when a heater on the printer is outside of configured maximum/minimum temperatures and not heading towards the set temperature

What this plugin does not do:
This plugin does not stop a thermal runaway, it just sends a GCode command, and it is up to you to find a way to handle that GCode command appropriately. As such, I strongly recommend that you watch your printer at all times

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I, the plugin author, strongly recommend that you NEVER leave you printer unattended while powered. This plugin is not a replacement for firmware thermal runaway detection. I, the plugin author, cannot be held responsible for any damage to equipment or injuries that may arise from leaving your 3D Printer unattended. I, the plugin author, make no guarantees that this plugin will work or continue to work.