Display time until next filament change

This plugin requires OctoPrint-PrintTimeGenius.

TimeToFilament can show you the time until the next filament change in your print. It can also show the time until your next layer will start. In fact, itโ€™s extensible and can show you whatever you want if you configure it through the settings!

How it works:

TimeToFilament scans through your gcode looking for a line that you specify. Then it parses the text on that line and sends it to your browser along with how many seconds until the printer will reach that line. Your browser will use that to create some text to display right below the total time to print.

If you know how to write a regular expression, you can make your own. If you need this and have trouble with it, file a request.



Screenshot of TimeToFilament showing the time until next filament change and the time until the next layer.