Software support for the ATXPiHat

Software support for the ATXPiHat expansion board.

Read all about this board and itโ€™s usage at The installation instructions are located on my Github site. These need to be reviewed prior to installation of the plugin

  • Fully compatible with Octoprint 1.3.6 or greater.
  • Directly power the Raspberry Pi 3B, no more external power source.
  • ATX 24 Molex connector, no more cutting up the supply cables
  • Amperage support to handle 19 amps at 12v for heat bed and hot end
  • Screw connectors make easy connection to the main board, External Mosfet, etc
  • Direct 12v RGB LED support, can also be controlled by GCODE
  • Emergency power off (EPO)
  • Power On/Off monitoring
  • Visual indicator of the 12v supply being active and powering the external devices
  • 12v monitored (RPM) cooling fan port
  • Upon fan failure it can be configured to automatically shuts the printer down
  • Auxiliary 5v support for external powered items
  • Monitoring of the 12v rail, for amperage and voltage
  • Automatic shutdown when an amperage threshold is reached. Meltdown protection
  • Switchable 12 or 5 v connector for controlling external items via GCODE