Adds bgcode support provided in PrusaSlicer version 2.7.0+


Plugin allows for the upload and conversion of bgcode files introduced in PrusaSlicer version 2.7.0+. Upon upload of the file, it will still have the bgcode extension but will be an ascii formatted text file that can be streamed to the printer as a standard gcode file from OctoPrint.


So you may ask why I made this plugin. The answer is simple, people were posting requests to OctoPrint and the OctoPrint Community Forum for OctoPrint support of this new format. My personal opinion is that the best solution is to disable the new format altogether in your slicer profiles, as seen in the screenshots below.

PrusaSlicer 2.7.0


PrusaSlicer 2.7.1+

Configuration > Preferences


Printer Settings > General


There is no good reason why anyone would want to use this new format with OctoPrint. The improvement in upload time would be countered by the extraction time of the ascii gcode upon upload.


If installing on Windows or on octo4a you’ll need some additional applications installed to complete the build process prior to installing the plugin. These are already included on OctoPi image, and possibly octoprint_deploy installations (need to verify).

Windows - Install the tools

Install Visual Studio Community 2019, or higher from Older versions are not supported as libbgcode requires support for C++17. Select all workload options for C++ and make sure to launch Visual Studio after install (to ensure that the full setup completes).

Install CMake for Windows from Download and run the exe accepting all defaults

Install git for Windows from Download and run the exe accepting all defaults

octo4a - Install the tools

After setting up OpenSSH server on settings tab, You can go to http://<your-ip>:5002 and use root username and the password you selected on the settings tab. Run these commands to add the necessary system dependencies.

apk add git
apk add zlib-dev
apk add cmake

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