This plugin has been abandoned

The current maintainer of this plugin seems to have abandoned it. If you want to take over its maintainenance, please get in touch here...

A plugin for Laser engraving add


This is a basic plugin to work with a Laser Engraver. Printing from the OctoPrint interface with this plugin can turn your 3D printer into a laser engraver!


  • M3 <p>: Turns ON the laser with power <p>
  • M4 <p>: Turns ON the laser with power 255-<p>
  • M5: Turn OFF the laser

The laser power can go from 1 (min) to 255 (MAX)

NOTE: It’s highly suggested to add an M400 - Finish Moves before the M3, M4 and M5 commands.

How to Use

Step 0) Install the plugin
Step 1) Connect the Laser driver to pins GPIO18 and GND
Step 2) Create a GCode using the described commands
Step 3) Print using Octoprint

Have fun :)
Oh, almost forgot, I’m not responsible for you hurting yourself with your cool laser, but please use it with caution.