Keep track of your printer and prints with some simple additions & customizability.


This plugin is meant to help you keep track of your printers progress and status. Currently it will display the printers status in the tab of OctoPrint in the browser. There are customization options to change how it is displayed and also has adjustable strings so you can translate them or just make them something else.

Install & Setup

Install via the bundled Plugin Manager or manually using this URL:

Reporting Issues & Improvments

If you encounter any issues or bugs with the plugin please feel free to make an issue on the repo. I also fully support additions to the plugin from third partys. If you have an idea or an already developed solution that would implement with the plugin well please submit it to the github repo and I will gladly consider additions and contributions.

See the github page for more details.


screenshot showing the options menu of customizability
screenshot of the title bar replacement