Puts printjobs on hold until a certain time

Ever wanted to start a printjob sometime later? Instead of scheduliing a printjob by other means (cron & curl via API), this plugin allows for a printjob to be started and immediately put on hold until a given time (or immediately, if so desired).

This might be useful if you want to start a printjob in the middle of the night (while sleeping) or even just a little later on (without the risk of forgetting to actually start the printjob later on).

The plugin is configurable as to:

  1. a time window during which a printjob is put on hold (like only in the evening)
  2. 5 options as for times when to actually start the printjob

If a printjob is started during the configured time window then it is immediately put on hold and the user is shown a dialog for selecting the time at which the job is to be continued (the first option is always “NOW”, just in case).


Configuration settings of Procastinator
Dialog for selecting time at which to continue the printjob
Notification about putting a printjob on hold