Puts printjobs on hold until a certain time

Ever wanted to start a printjob sometime later? Instead of scheduliing a printjob by other means (cron & curl via API), this plugin allows for a printjob to be started and immediately put on hold until a given time (or immediately, if so desired).

This might be useful if you want to start a printjob in the middle of the night (while sleeping) or even just a little later on (without the risk of forgetting to actually start the printjob later on).

The plugin is configurable as to:

  1. a time window during which a printjob is put on hold (like only in the evening)
  2. 5 options as for times when to actually start the printjob

If a printjob is started during the configured time window then it is immediately put on hold and the user is shown a dialog for selecting the time at which the job is to be continued (the first option is always β€œNOW”, just in case).


Configuration settings of Procastinator
Dialog for selecting time at which to continue the printjob
Notification about putting a printjob on hold