Connects OctoPrint events to IFTTT

Note: this plugin has not been tested with versions under 1.3.10; they may not work!


  • Allows for multiple IFTTT accounts to be connected
  • Allows for multiple triggers for each event
  • Allows customization of Value[1-3] placeholders; either static or a property of the event payload
  • Allows for default prefixes so you don’t have to type in lots of triggers
  • Works with custom events!*

*May not be (officially) supported; see #2965 for more info.


Install via the bundled Plugin Manager or manually using this URL:



A unique API key for IFTTT. Go here and click on “Documentation”. On the documentation page it will tell you your key: “Your key is: …”. You can put multiple makerkeys, seperated by newlines, here.

Default prefixes

Default prefixes for the triggers. If you have an event MyEvent and prefixes prefix1- and prefix2-, it will, by default make the triggers prefix1-MyEvent and prefix2-MyEvent. Seperate the prefixes with newlines.


Define events to send to IFTTT.


A list of triggers to trigger on IFTTT.


IFTTT Webhooks allows for a payload with three values. It will interpret this string like so:

  • If the value begins with a dot (.), it will use that prop of the event payload (e.g. .name for PrintDone)
  • If it begins with a colon (:) it will use the string after the colon
  • Otherwise it will just send the plain text


OctoPrint-IFTTT Settings