Plugin to analyze gcode for slicer settings comments and add additional metadata of such settings.


This plugin is useless without another plugin to use the metadata. Those can be found here.

Compatible plugins

Check out ExtraFileInfo for an example of what this plugin can do.


Scan limit

Scanning all files entirely can take a considerable amount of time when your gcode library is large. A Raspberry Pi 4B seems to parse at a rate of about 4 MB/s. Every file you upload will be scanned, and choosing a scan limit in the settings will drastically reduce the scan time.


Cura doesn’t inject any slicer settings into the gcode by default, so you must add this to your start/end gcode. If you add it to the end gcode, make sure you check “Parse the file from back to front” in the plugin settings.

Python regexes


If you use the start/end gcode provided above, use this regex:

^; (?P<key>\w+[\w\s]*) = (?P<val>.*)
^; (?P<key>[^,]*?) = (?P<val>.*)
^;   (?P<key>.*?),(?P<val>.*)

This plugin uses Python regexes to parse the gcode. There should be two named capturing groups, key and val. Multiple regexes should be listed on seperate lines, ordered by precedence. Any chars are allowed in the groups; \n will be replaced by newlines.

If you can not figure it out yourself, open an issue and I can take a look.