Provides core functionality and UI integration for GRBL based engravers and CNC machines

Better Grbl Support Plugin for Octoprint


This plugin was inspired by mic159’s Grbl Support plugin ( His plugin gets you 90% of the way there for adding Grbl support to Octoprint but had a couple limitations and lacked some bells and whistles from a UI and configuration perspective.

Better Grbl Support originally utilized mic159’s gcode receiver parser but at this point I’ve moved well beyond his reference implementation.

Here are some of bgs’s capabilities (as of v2.0.0):

  • Fully supports Laser and CNC operations / workflows
  • Provides for 10 axes of movement / jogging
  • Machine and Work Positioning Homing / Origin setup
  • Allows for full management of All Grbl settings ($$)
  • Provides rich details for all Grbl settings, messages, alarms, and errors
  • Supports Z-Probing and customization of Z-Probe settings
  • 9 Point Framing and auto generation of Framing dimensions
  • Detects and automatically supports Grbl 1.1 Jogging
  • Fully integrates with Octoprint Start/Pause/Resume/Cancel operations
  • All global configuration changes to Octoprint are reverted on uninstall
  • All conversions of typical marlin/repetier/etc commands to Grbl are preset
  • Disables Octoprint functions which interfere with Grbl
  • Disables the built-in GCode Viewer
  • Disables the built-in Temperature tab
  • Disables the built-in Control tab (It can be re-enabled via Settings)
  • Supports compressed/shorthand Grbl generated by numerous post processors


Install via the bundled Plugin Manager or manually using this URL:

NOTE: Installing this pluging directly from the URL above ensures you always have the latest version, but this comes with risk. I do not always follow a traditional gitflow which means commits to the master branch may not be fully tested and could cause unforeseen issues. Proceed at your own risk.


Pay special attention to the following config.yaml configuration parameters. These settings are modified upon plugin installation. While the uninstaller removes any customizations, please note the below in the event something unexpected happens:

  • appearance / components / temperature tab
  • controls (any / all customizations made to it)
  • feature / temperatureGraph
  • feature / gcodeVisualizer
  • feature / modelSizeDetection
  • serial / neverSendChecksum
  • serial / checksumRequiringCommands
  • serial / helloCommand
  • plugins / _disabled / printer_safety_check
  • appearance / components / disabled / tab
  • gcodeViewer


Main UI
Plugin Settings