Makes it possible to change the EEPROM values of Marlin Firmware through OctoPrint

Originally by Anderson Silva until 2018 development taken over by Charlie Powell in October 2020.

The Marlin EEPROM editor provides an easy to use, feature-rich UI to edit your machine’s configuration.


  • Load & parse the EEPROM data out of the firmware
  • Edit many of the values configured
  • Save EEPROM changes on the printer with a minimal number of commands
  • Storage of data on the OctoPrint server, so it can be viewed while printer is disconnected or printing.
  • Backup feature:
    • Enabled saving configuration snapshots, restoring, downloading, uploading
  • Display firmware info, including capability report

Be sure to check out the screenshots below for more details!


Find it in the plugin manager or install manually using this URL:

Firmware requirements

This plugin requires that you have both these items in Marlin’s Configuration.h file:

  • //#define DISABLE_M503

In other words, EEPROM_CHITCHAT and the M503 command must be enabled - comment out disabling it.

New in Marlin EEPROM Editor V3.0.0

A complete re-write of this plugin, now V3!


  • Python processing & storage, eliminating performance issues in the UI.
  • Storage of data on the OctoPrint server, so it can be viewed while the printer is disconnected or printing.
  • Brand new UI, written from the ground up.
  • Includes new read-only mode, when the printer is printing
  • All-new backup feature, allowing naming and storing of backups, so you can quickly swap between profiles and more.
  • … and more!

For the full changelist please check out the release notes.


Firmware info overview Firmware Info

Configuration editor Configuration Editor

Backup feature Backup feature

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