Gives you a pithy fortune on web login or startup

This is an adaptation of the original UNIX fortune program. Fortune will run on OctoPrint login and popup a quote or saying from a database of stored quotes.

I have not created these quotes or sayings, they are simply provided from the source given by Brian M. Clapper as a sample set of fortunes.

There is an icon that looks like a book on the navigation bar for those that would like a more frequent fortune. This can be turned off in the settings page.


Install via the bundled Plugin Manager or manually using this URL:

This is a Python 3 or greater plugin!


The only configuration is to enable or disable the icon on the navigation bar, and optionally to enable sending your fortune to OctoText. OctoText must be enabled and configured for this feature to work.

Copyright Β© 2008-2019 Brian M. Clapper. All rights reserved.


Fortune message on login
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