Leveling of Z values in Gcode using manually measured positions

Gcode Leveling

This plugin creates a model of the work surface (using the least squares method on user provided points), allowing for leveling of machines through gcode that otherwise cannot be leveled (e.g. for a grbl machine). A user just needs to measure some z values at a variety of x and y values (e.g. with the paper test), then configure a couple of settings, and the plugin will handle the leveling on file upload.


Install via the bundled Plugin Manager or manually using this URL:

  • The plugin depends on numpy, so it will need to install this (if it is not already installed), which can take some time on a raspberry pi.
    • Numpy in a python3 environment requires libatlas3-base, so some instances may need to run sudo apt install libatlas3-base to install properly.


See the GitHub page for up-to-date configuration information.


the point entry in settings