Uses PI GPIO pins to control a variable speed fan with PWM

GPIO FAN Controller

This is a lightweight plugin dedicated for controlling a fan via Raspberry Pi GPIO pin. This plugin has the following features:

  • Convenient sidebar control
  • Adjustable FAN speed
  • Pin selection via settings
  • M106 / M107 GCODE support
  • Independent GCODE control using optional fan index

IMPORTANT - FAN Compatibility

This plugin is only intended to drive an external brushless DC FAN via MOSFET driver circuit. A MOSFET must be used to drive the FAN since the PI is not capable of providing adequate current to the FAN.

It is a also a good idea to use a separate power supply to drive the FAN since the PI power supply might not have adequate current to drive the PI + FAN. See wiring digram below as an example of how to interface to a 12V DC FAN.


Fan speed control
Sidebar speed control
Pin and PWM frequency settings
Wiring diagram