Use OctoPrint with s3g/x3g printers (like FlashForge and older MakerBot)

GPX was created by Dr. Henry Thomas in April 2013. It is a post processing utility that converts gcode into x3g files for printing on MakerBots or their clones.

This plugin wraps the serial communication layer and uses GPX to translate between gcode and x3g on the fly to make the printer appear to OctoPrint as if it speaks gcode.


After installing, you need to tell gpx about your printer. In OctoPrint, GPX adds a settings panel. Two settings are important to set: the type of printer and the gcode flavor.

The type of printer determines the steps per mm. Gcode is generally in millimeters and x3g is in stepper motor steps.

Gcode flavor means the flavor that your slicer produces. Makerbot Desktop and RepG only produce MakerBot flavor. Slic3r produces either (you can choose in its settings) and Cura produces RepRap flavor.

If you have a MakerBot clone then you have a Replicator 1 or Replicator 1 Dual clone. Your printer might look more like a Replicator 2 because it is black and metal, but its steps per mm is Replicator 1.

Caveats and Known Issues

Please see the README on github for the latest info.