Push Metrics to InfluxDB 2.0+

Pushes temperatures and status to an InfluxDB instance. Similar to Octoprint-InfluxDB, however this version is compatible with v2.0+.


  • Authorization via auth token (only requires write access to one bucket)
  • Configurable Temperature and Status measurement names
  • Optional machine name tag
  • Non-polling, Destructured Logging
    • The implementation registers itself as a native printer callback, and logs every data point from the printer as they are received (using the timestamps from Octoprint where available)
    • The fields this plugin fetches aren’t hard-coded. Instead, the event objects are decomposed recursively into fields. If Octoprint (or another plugin) adds additional temperature or state values, they will also get logged in this plugin.
  • Can configure and test InfluxDB connection entirely from Octoprint UI

For configuration details, see the homepage.


InfluxDB 2
The configuration options
A graph of print temperatures in InfluxDB