A plugin to update the built-in progress bar on your printer's LCD.

Most 3D printers offer a progress bar or percentage indicator on their display. However, by default, this percentage is only updated when printing from SD card. When printing directly through OctoPrint, the progress bar remains empty. This small plugin remedies the situation by injecting M73 (set build percentage) commands into the print stream.

Note: Not all printers support this feature. In order for this to work, your firmware needs to understand the M73 command. See below for instructions for Marlin.

Marlin Firmware

You will need a recent version of Marlin, 1.1.7 or later. The M73 feature is not enabled by default. You can enable it by uncommenting line 576 in Configuration_adv.h:

// Add an 'M73' G-code to set the current percentage


The plugin should work as-is. Once enabled, the plugin will automatically inject M73 commands in the printer’s serial stream. There are two options to fine-tune the plugin’s behavior, available through the M73 Progress tab in OctoPrint settings.

  • Output time left: Sends the estimated time remaining using the R parameter. This is only supported by certain firmwares (e.g. Marlin 2.0 and Prusa firmware). This option is enabled by default; most firmwares will just ignore this extra parameter if not supported.

  • Use time estimate: By default, the plugin uses OctoPrint’s built-in progress estimate, which is based on the progress inside a G-code file. In some cases, a better progress estimate can be calculated from the time elapsed and the time remaining: P = elapsed / (elapsed + remaining). This option is particularly useful for PrintTimeGenius users.


Working LCD progress bar while printing from OctoPrint!