Enables Chamber temperature reporting via subscribing to an MQTT topic

MQTT Chamber Temperature Plugin for Octoprint

  • Requires the MQTT Plugin to be installed and configured
  • Subcribed topic configurable via Plugin Settings
  • Can convert retrieved temperature to Celcius if provided in Fahrenheit
  • Control enclosure temperature via MQTT state topics


Top Temp

Plotly Temperature Graph

Plugin Settings

Temperature Sensor Ideas

  • ESP8266/ESP32 BME280 - https://github.com/synman/BME280
  • ESP8266/ESP32 SHT30 & LCD - https://github.com/synman/SHT-Sensor

Heater and Power Plug Reference

The easiest way to manage temperature control is by use of a miniature heater connected to a Home Assistant integrated power plug such as the TP-LINK HS103. Creating automations for managing the requested and actual power state values via MQTT is then fairly trivial.