This plugin allows controlling OctoPrint via MQTT messages.

MQTT Subscribe

This plugin can control OctoPrint by submitting commands to the OctoPrint REST API.


Install the MQTT plugin via the Plugin Manager or manually using this url:

Once installed configure the MQTT server connection in the MQTT plugin’s settings. This will be the same server that the MQTT Subscribe plugin will connect to for subscribing configured topics.


Install via the Plugin Manager or manually using this URL:


Once both plugins are installed configure the topics/commands you want to subscribe/submit to and generate your API key.


settings screenshot


  • List of configured topics
    • Click the plus button in the top right to add new topics
    • Click the pencil button to edit a configured topic
    • Click the copy button to duplicate a topic
    • Click the trash icon to delete a topic


  • API Key: API key to use to authenticate to the OctoPrint REST API
    • Click the plus button to generate your API key and accept the request
    • Click the trash icon to clear your API key
    • Click the copy button to copy the API key to your clipboard

MQTT Topic Editor

topic editor screenshot

  • Topic: MQTT topic to subscribe
  • JSONPath Extract: JSON Path expression to extract from sent data, see here for an example, leave blank if substitution is not necessary in the REST Parameters described below
  • Type: The type of REST API submission, either post or get
  • REST API: The OctoPrint REST API command that you want to submit
  • REST Parameters: The JSON parameters to submit to the REST API configured above

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