Hue lighting control for Octoprint - Illuminate your printer and signal its status using Phillips Hue lights


Illuminate your print job and signal its status using a Philips Hue light.


  • Light on and off in coordination with the connection between Octoprint and your printer
  • Configure “Connected” light colour using colour picker or HTML hex colour codes
  • Customisable default brightness
  • Available Customisable Statuses:
    • Connected - Default White
    • Print Finished - Default Green
    • Error - Default Red

See the TODO list at the end of this page for features on the roadmap


Install via the bundled Plugin Manager or manually using this URL:

Hue Bridge Configuration

Octohue requires 3 settings to function

  1. The IP Address of you Hue Bridge
  2. A User for octoprint to use when contacting your bridge
  3. The numberic ID of your Hue light.

Steps to find or configure these can be found in How to Develop for Hue - Getting Started


Once you have the Hue IP, Username, and Light ID, enter these into the appropriate field in Octohues menu in settings.



  • Make all available statuses customisable
  • Per status brightness
  • LightID Discovery


OctoHue Settings