Octoprint Philips Hue Outlet Manager


Automatic Shudown

Switch a Philips Hue that your printer is connected to ON or OFF. You can set an automatic switch-off based on a minimum temperature.

The Philips Hue bridge have an internal clock. Ophom can create à delayed power off for a conventional shutdown of the system (eg: Raspberry Pi powered by printer PSU)

Ophom Configuration

Security Shudown

There are different security option for cuting power in case there is a problem:

  • If the data connection to the printer is lost
  • If an ermegency stop (M112 GCODE) is send to the printer
  • If a maximum temperature is reached by the nozzle or the bed

Hue Sytem Rules

You can create rules on your Bridge for automatic power on/off other Hue devices at the same time your change the state of your plug.

Ophom Hue Rules

This rules are not controlled by Ophom but directly by the Philips Hue Bridge


After the installation go to the plugin configuration screen and follow the guide.

Ophom Bridge Pairing

ℹ️ Follow this instruction if your USB plug is powering your motherboard print