A plugin for prometheus compatible metrics endpoint

This is a utility plugin, which enables the prometheus server to scrape metrics from your octoprint instance. Later on, you can use data vizualisation tools (for example grafana) to track and visualize your printer(s) status(es).

This plugin has no visible UI!

Currently exported metrics:

  • python version - as info
  • octoprint version, hostname, os - as info
  • actual temperature - as gauge with tool identifier label
  • target temperature - as gauge with tool identifier label
  • client number - as gauge; the actually connected clients to the host
  • printer state - as info
  • started prints - as counter
  • failed prints - as counter
  • done prints - as counter
  • cancelled prints - as counter
  • timelaps count - as counter
  • print progress - as gauge with path label
  • slice progress - as gauge with path label
  • print total time - as counter
  • last print time - as gauge
  • fan speed - as gauge
  • extrusion total - as counter
  • x, y and z travel - as a counter
  • last print extrusion - as gauge

All of the metrics are prefixed as octoprint_ for easier identification.

The metrics endpoint is: http://localhost:5000/plugin/prometheus_exporter/metrics (change the host+port to your actual host+port)

Example scrape config (or check it from the project repo):

- job_name: 'octoprint'
    scrape_interval: 5s
    metrics_path: '/plugin/prometheus_exporter/metrics'
      - targets: ['octoprint:80']

If you have authentication enabled use this version:

 - job_name: 'octoprint'
    scrape_interval: 5s
    metrics_path: '/plugin/prometheus_exporter/metrics'
      apikey: ['__OCTOPRINT_APIKEY__']
      - targets: ['octoprint:80']

For example grafana dashboard please visit the github repo.