Timelapse+ is a powerful yet lightweight plugin to stabilize, capture, enhance and render your print timelapses.


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๐Ÿ‘พ Why Timelapse+?

    Timelapse+ comes with a clean, organized, and accessible interface, prioritizing user convenience. It enables storing print snapshots in Frame Collections for easy re-rendering with different settings.
    Setting up is simple, with options to trigger snapshots based on layer changes or time intervals. Itโ€™s well documented and offers intuitive settings without unnecessary complexity.
    Elevate your timelapses with stunning enhancements. Timelapse+ provides simple image enhancements, area blurring for sharing your timelapses and the ability to add beautiful pre and post-roll effects and timecode overlays for artistic flair.
    Timelapse+ comes with features like frame interpolation for even smoother videos, support for various webcam types and streams, compatibility with OctoPrintโ€™s webcam plugins support and multiple output formats (including MP4 and GIF).
    Achieve stabilized and smooth timelapses with the print head stabilization feature. It ensures optimal print quality while enabling print head animations for added visual appeal.

๐Ÿ‘€ Examples

Check out the Examples Page

๐Ÿš€ Features

  • Trigger snapshots via commands in your GCODE (e.g. on layer change)
    • @-Commands like @SNAPSHOT
    • Action Commands like //action:SNAPSHOT (on Marlin via M118)
    • Pause and Resume Capturing via Commands
  • Regular time-based snapshot mode
  • User-friendly and tidy user interface
    • View, watch and download your rendered videos
    • Preview your render settings and check the estimated video length before starting a render job
  • Stabilized Timelapses
    • Park your print head before taking a snapshot
    • Optimized for print quality
    • Animated movements
  • Customizable image enhancements for post-processing
    • Brightness and contrast
    • Auto-Optimization by histogram equalization
    • Blur parts of the video for privacy when sharing
    • Resizing
  • Frame interpolation for smoother timelapses!
    • Generate frames between your captured frames
    • Based on motion calculation algorithms
    • Or just blend frames together to generate sub-frames
  • Combine/Blend multiple frames to reduce the number of total frames
  • Pre-Roll and Post-Roll effects
    • Still frame / Short timelapse / Final preview
    • Animated
    • Show print file name and information at the beginning
  • Add Timecode information
    • Many variations
      • Text
      • Time
      • Elapsed time
      • Analog clock
      • Progress bar
    • Customizable colors
    • Customizable position and size
  • Colorful Fade-In and Fade-Out effects
  • Manage and configure your enhancement- and render presets via the settings page
  • Snapshots are stored in Frame Collections, so you can re-render them at any time with different settings and presets
  • Preview the snapshot capturing live while printing
  • Multiple Output Formats and Codecs with different Quality Presets
    • MP4 (H.264 and H.265)
    • GIF
    • WebM (VP8 and VP9)
    • Legacy AVI and MPG
  • Supports Webcam Plugins, Webcam Snapshot Endpoints as well as Webcam Streams
    • Webcam Plugins (new in OctoPrint 1.9.0)
    • JPEG Snapshots
    • MJPEG Streams
    • MP4 Streams
    • HLS Streams
    • Custom Scripts
  • Purge Videos and Frame Collections after n days

๐Ÿ“š Wiki

You can find the Documentation and Help on the Timelapse+ Wiki Pages.


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