Timelapse+ is a powerful yet lightweight plugin to capture, enhance and render your print timelapses.


ℹ️ Timelapse+ supports the new Webcam Plugins in OctoPrint 1.9.0

👀 Examples

Check out the Examples Page

🚀 Features

  • Trigger snapshots via commands in your GCODE (e.g. on layer change)
    • @-Commands like @SNAPSHOT
    • Action Commands like //action:SNAPSHOT (on Marlin via M118)
    • Pause and Resume Capturing via Commands
  • Regular time-based snapshot mode
  • User-friendly and tidy user interface
    • View, watch and download your rendered videos
    • Preview your render settings and check the estimated video length before starting a render job
  • Customizable image enhancements for post-processing
    • Brightness and contrast
    • Auto-Optimization by histogram equalization
    • Blur parts of the video for privacy when sharing
    • Resizing
  • Frame interpolation for smoother timelapses!
    • Generate frames between your captured frames
    • Based on motion calculation algorithms
    • Or just blend frames together to generate sub-frames
  • Combine/Blend multiple frames to reduce the number of total frames
  • Pre-Roll and Post-Roll effects
    • Still frame / Short timelapse / Final preview
    • Animated
    • Show print file name and information at the beginning
  • Add Timecode information
    • Many variations
      • Text
      • Time
      • Elapsed time
      • Analog clock
      • Progress bar
    • Customizable colors
    • Customizable position and size
  • Colorful Fade-In and Fade-Out effects
  • Manage and configure your enhancement- and render presets via the settings page
  • Snapshots are stored in Frame Collections, so you can re-render them at any time with different settings and presets
  • Preview the snapshot capturing live while printing
  • Multiple Output Formats and Codecs with different Quality Presets
    • MP4 (H.264 and H.265)
    • GIF
    • WebM (VP8 and VP9)
    • Legacy AVI and MPG
  • Supports Webcam Plugins, Webcam Snapshot Endpoints as well as Webcam Streams
    • Webcam Plugins (new in OctoPrint 1.9.0)
    • JPEG Snapshots
    • MJPEG Streams
    • MP4 Streams
    • HLS Streams
    • Custom Scripts
  • Purge Videos and Frame Collections after n days
  • Timelapse+ doesn’t modify your GCODE and doesn’t affect your printer’s movements!

📚 Wiki

You can find the Documentation and Help on the Timelapse+ Wiki Pages.


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