Use a USB Keyboard to control your printer and Octoprint!


3D printer interfaces are a pain to navigate using that encoder wheel. Octoprint’s interface always seems to take forever to reload on a tablet. Wouldn’t it be nice if you just had some easy hardware buttons to do those simple things you do all the time?

Wait no more!

A fully configurable USB Keyboard plugin has arrived!


  • Fully customizable keyboard key layouts with self-assigned keys/keycodes
  • Several configurable command types including arbitrary gcode and variable manipulation
  • Documentation found in-settings. Look for the [i] buttons!
  • Keyboard troubleshooting and setup tools
  • Keyboard Profiles and easy profile duplication


Example QWERTY Keyboard configuration
Example 10-Key Keyboard configuration
Example 10-Key Keyboard commands
Example 10-Key Keyboard variables
Example Octoprint command
Example Printer commands with Gcode
Example Variable listening command with Gcode
Example PSUControl Plugin command