Add some WS281x type RGB LEDs to your printer for a quick status update

Supporting effects for various printing states as well as print and heating progress, you will always know what your printer is doing without needing to look at the web interface all the time.

Configurable options include turning on and off each event, customising the effect and colours, tracking print and heatup progress, enable a timer so you can have the LEDs on at certain times and a button in the navbar to turn them on and off

Configuration options

See here for details of the various configuration options available for the plugin, and have a look at the screenshots below

Get help

Please open an issue on the Github Repository if you run into a bug, or if you just have a general question post on the OctoPrint community forum and tag me @Charlie_Powell and I’ll try and respond.

Setting up SPI

See here for details of how to setup SPI so you can use your LEDs. There is also a configuration wizard that will do this for you on the first install, if you ask it nicely.

Wiring your LEDs

See here for details of how to wire your LED strips to a Raspberry Pi.