Add some WS281x type RGB LEDs to your printer for a quick status update!

rainbow effect

A highly configurable plugin for supporting WS2811, WS2812 and SK6812 LEDs attached to your Raspberry Pi.

With lots of effects to choose from, you can customise the plugin to do things exactly as you want them, to display the status from your 3D printer from a simple strip of LEDs

Features include:

  • Reacting to printing events
  • Tracking heating & printing progress
  • Intercepting M150 commands
  • Quick on/off button from the navbar
  • ‘Torch’ button
  • A timer to turn the LEDs on or off at certain times
  • Easy to use but highly configurable settings interface, you can turn pretty much anything on or off.
  • LED Strip test
  • Power calculator
  • … and more!

For the most up-to-date feature list, please checkout the plugin’s homepage as well as the wiki for more information.

rainbow effect


Setting up the plugin couldn’t be easier! There are 3 main steps, with the heavy lifting done for you via a configuration wizard:

  • Wiring your LEDs
  • Configuring SPI
  • Configuring plugin settings

For a full setup guide, with detailed instructions for each step, please see the page on the wiki

Getting help

You may want to check the wiki, to see if your question has been answered there. Still got questions? Get in touch:

Reporting problems

Whilst I don’t like bugs, I want to hear about them! Let me know by opening an issue on Github

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