Control Wyze devices through OctoPrint

OctoPrint-Wyze lets you control and automate Wyze home devices through OctoPrint. You can register plugs, lights and cameras to turn on or off whenever specific events occur. For example, you can set a light to turn on whenever the web client is opened, or a print or timelapse is started, then off when a print has finished.

NOTE: Only Python 3.8 and up will work! This is not ideal since OctoPi 0.18 includes Python 3.7.3 by default, so you will need to be comfortable updating OctoPrint’s Python environment. This is a hard requirement because the wyze_sdk module that this plugin relies on will only work with Python 3.8 and up. OctoPi version 1.0.0 will include Python 3.9.


OctoPrint-Wyze Screenshot