Allows patching up config.yaml through the web interface

The OctoPrint Yamlpatcher Plugin allows patching OctoPrint’s config.yaml through a new dialog within OctoPrint’s settings, using easily shareable patch strings.

This allows applying configuration changes that are not easily achievable through the UI even for users who don’t feel comfortable manually editing a YAML configuration file. And for those that do feel comfortable with YAML, it is also is a very fast way to make quick adjustments to configuration settings for which no UI inputs exist, e.g. development settings.

Before allowing to apply the patch string, the plugin will present the user with a preview of the changes that will take place, visualizing both added and removed entries within config.yaml.


This plugin primarily targets developers, not endusers. It is not actively maintained since it does what is needed from it for regular OctoPrint development activities. If someone wants to make it more versatile and add more or fix existing functionality, feel free to get in touch about adoption on the community forums about it.


Paste a valid patch string into the input field below, then hit the “Preview” button. Make sure the changes look like they should (if a screenshot of a preview was provided along side the patch string, compare!). If they do, hit “Apply”. Then restart your server.

Patch format

See the documentation.


JSON patch string
YAML patch string