Turns off heaters after specified time being on and unused

Note: this plugin has not been tested with versions under 1.3.10; they may not work!


  • Supports configuring timeout length
  • Supports before/after gcode
  • Supports notification via Web UI
  • Fires a custom event * when the heaters timeout, so one can be notified or otherwise hook on the event.

*May not be (officially) supported; see #2965 for more info.


Install via the bundled Plugin Manager or manually using this URL:


If you want to trigger on the custom event, use the event name HeaterTimeout. The payload values are heater, time_elapsed, and timeout.


The checkbox enables/disables the timeout, and the number input changes the timeout length.

After target temp changes vs after heating starts

If set to the former, changing the target temp will reset the timeout.

Before/after GCODE

GCODE commands to run before/after the heaters are disabled. You can use the placeholders $heater, $time_elapsed. and $timeout. I think the names are pretty self-explanatory.


M117 $heater timed out ; display that on the screen
M300 S100 P200 ; chirp


Image showing heater timeout
Screenshot of settings