Beeps after completion/failure of a print, but only during the specified hours

This plugin is designed to be used to notify when a print is complete. While gcode to beep on print completion can easily be added to the slicer/octoprint, I wanted a way to only beep during certain time frames as I don’t want my neighbors to hate me for my printer beeping at 2 in the morning.


Active Hours

These settings define the hours the printer may beep when the printer completes. These default to 8am - 10pm as I won’t likely be checking my printer outside those hours.

Note: I don’t currently support time windows like 10pm - 8am currently.

Beep Settings

If you want to change the tone, or duration of the beep the printer makes, these can be changed to modify that.

Currently, there is no ability to play multiple beeps


Friendly Neighborhood Beeper settigns