OctoPrint plugin for camera based pick 'n place operations

OctoPNP is an extension that allows Octoprint to control printers and similar devices with additional hardware for handling of SMD-parts (and potentially arbitrary objects). It currently requires the following hardware extensions:

  • A Tray consisting of a grid of boxes to store SMD parts in a defined position
  • A head camera to locate the exact part position on the tray
  • A (second) bed camera to precisely align the parts during the placing operation
  • A vacuum nozzle to grip parts

OpenCV is used for the image processing part to measure exact positions and rotations of objects for accurate placing.

For details and documentation please refer to the project’s github repository.

This plugin is developed during a research project for integrated printing of electronics (wires and SMD-components) with FDM-printers.

The development branch of the Slic3r extensions for routing circuits in a 3D-object by importing EAGLE schematics can be found at https://github.com/platsch/Slic3r/tree/electronics.


screenshot of OctoPNP after completing a placing opereation
screenshot of OctoPNP settings dialog.