Simple control and status paired with a physical button panel and OLED display

This plugin implements the software control side of an OctoPrint Control Panel for Octopi. The hardware half is a series of 4 buttons, an OLED screen and a 3D printed case that mounts on the printer next to the Raspnerry Pi so it can be plugged in to the header pins.

Watch a demo of the panel in action! More photos are at the end of this readme.

Screenshot of demo video


3D models are available on Thingiverse.

Please see the plugin repository for the latest hardware and wiring instructions. The wiring instructions at the time of publishing are below.

Wiring diagram for the control panel


NOTE: This plugin required OctoPrint to be updated to run on Python 3. Please follow these instructions if you are not already on Python 3.

Install via the bundled Plugin Manager or manually using this URL:


Installed and running button hardware installed on the printer, OLED display showing stats
Glamour shot of the hardware before installation on a blue background
Wiring diagram describing placement of parts, wires and how to plug into the Raspberry Pi