OctoPrint plugin for controling RGB LED Strips via PCA9685 over I2C


OctoPrint plugin that intercepts M150 GCode commands and controls LEDs connected to PCA9685 over I2C.

PCA9685 dev board

Implements the M150 command syntax from the latest Marlin.

    M150: Set Status LED Color - Use R-U-B for R-G-B Optional (W)
    M150 R255       ; Turn LED red
    M150 R255 U127  ; Turn LED orange (PWM only)
    M150            ; Turn LED off
    M150 R U B      ; Turn LED white
    M150 W          ; Turn LED white if using RGBW strips (optional)


  1. Connect PCA9685 (address 0x40) and enable I2C in configuration

    sudo raspi-config
  2. Install via the bundled Plugin Manager or manually using this URL:

  3. Restart OctoPrint


Configure the PCA9685 pins via the OctoPrint settings UI.


Configuration Screen
PCA9685 breakout board