Sends matrix notifications and snapshots of your print.

Matrix notifier sends messages to a configured matrix room with information about your print and snapshots of your camera.

The following events are configurable through the web UI:

  • PrintStarted
  • PrintPaused
  • PrintFailed
  • PrintDone
  • Print Progress

The message templates support markdown which are converted to HTML to send as formatted matrix messages.

In addition to this any other event should be configurable directly in the config.yaml file.

Take the event name from the OctoPrint events documentation and add a section under the plugins: section which looks like this:

        enabled: true
        template: |
          ## Printer Connected

This would send messages on the “Connected” event. Find the existing section of the config and edit it where appropriate rather than adding new sections. Note that not all events have been tested, please open an issue if you encounter an issue with a specific event.


A print started message