Prusa ETA detection from the gcode files prepared by the Prusa Slicer.

The Octoprint plugin for retrieving the estimated time of printing using the Prusa printer.

The estimated time will be accurate only if the gcode was generated by the Prusa Slicer for the Prusa Mini printer.

There are two methods available for getting the estimated printing time.

  1. Read estimated time during the gcode file upload operation. The first Prusa Mini ETA code is read and used as the total time required for printing.

    Approximate Total Print Time

  2. Read the estimated time during the printing. All codes being sent to the printer are analyzed and all ETA values are reported back to the Octoprint.

    Printing Time Left

If either of the mentioned methods fails then the fallback mechanism shall leverage the original ETA computation.

This plugin can be configured to take into account the silent mode for MK3s