A simple queue setup designed for use by staff at a public library.

A simple print queue

Designed for use at a public library, this plugin allows staff to efficiently manage customer print jobs. Its simple interface and setup are easy to learn, and your organization can either implement its own prioritization scheme or use the one provided with the plugin. It is primarily intended as a staff communication mechanism, allowing staff to see which job they should start up next, as well as look up completed jobs to provide information to customers.

Purely local

This plugin does not use any outside services and has no requirements beyond having an OctoPrint installation. It does not enforce any restrictions on the input fields, giving staff complete flexibility in how the tool gets used.

Copyright 2019 Pioneer Library System. Some rights reserved, see the GNU Affero General Public License for details.


Screenshot of the main user interface of the plugin.
Screenshot of the Add to Queue screen.
The settings screen.