Another Signal Messenger Integration based on the signal-cli-rest-api docker image. Supports Signal Messenger groups and print progress.


  • Support for Signal Messenger groups:

    It’s possible to create a Signal Messenger group for every print job. That way, all the messages and webcam snapshots are nicely grouped together.

  • Support for Print Progress:

    If enabled, a message will be sent when the print job progress reaches 20%, 40, 80%.

  • Support for all Print Events:

    The plugin supports the Print Started, Print Failed, Print Cancelled, Print Paused, Print Resumed, Print Done events.

  • Support for signal-cli-rest-api:

    The signal-cli-rest-api is a small REST API wrapper around the awesome signal-cli commandline tool. The main advantage is, that you don’t need to run signal-cli on the same host as your Octoprint instance. That’s especially useful, if you use other services in your home network (like Home Assistant) that also send Signal Messenger notifications.


This plugin requires the signal-cli-rest-api docker container. Without the docker container, the plugin won’t work! The following document describes how to set up the docker container and register your phone number.


Signal Messenger Configuration Part1
Signal Messenger Configuration Part2
Signal Messenger Configuration Part3
Signal Messenger Configuration Part4
Signal Messenger Screenshot